We are robokick.

We believe in ideas.
We bring innovation.
We are simple and minimalistic.

More about us
We publish cool things!
(well, at least our moms think they're cool)

We develop awesome multiplatform games.


We create and launch websites and web apps.


Our apps are minimal, clean and beautiful.

We are just starting
but we have a lot going on
A new way of working
Our core values
We are offbeat

We don't follow market patterns.
Instead, we create our own.

We innovate

We mix ideas, blend concepts, filter out the essence and create solutions.

We work in the cloud

We have the best office: our own homes.
Our dress code: anything (or nothing).

We simplify

We believe in clear ideas and one-click results.

We work easy

We create shortcuts, optimize processes and automate workflows.

We are dynamic

Our team is uber versatile.
We are fast paced and highly adaptable.

Have a great idea?
We can execute it!
Our tech
This is the stuff we work with
Size: Color: Product:
  • 3D Media
  • C#
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • Unity 3D
  • Wordpress
    • Some
    • A lot
    • Ultra
    • Extreme
We are robokick.
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